Monday, November 15, 2010

here it goes again

well, i did it. i finally created a blog. i guess i realized that when i was constantly composing blog posts in my head for my non-existent blog, i needed to do something about it. and then it took me forever to actually do the deed because i couldn't think of any kind of cool blog name. because what's more lame than a lame blog title? not much, for me anyway. so, i think i like my title, and now i'm ready to go.
i'm also going to try really hard to not just use this as a platform to complain about the hard things in my life, because that's really no fun for anyone. i do enough of that already. instead, i want to dedicate this blog to the amazing, beautiful, or just plain cool things that i experience or see around me or think about. hopefully that will make other people as happy as i foresee it will make me.
stay tuned.