Monday, December 31, 2012

resolution for 2013: goal setting and keeping

my posting has been a little light for the month of december, so i planned to load up today, but new year's eve festivities got in the way. but, those festivities were pretty fun, so it's all good. more on all of that and christmas and everything later.

but, for now, another resolution, maybe the last one i'll put on my blog. i've been thinking a lot about self-discipline lately, and one resolution i can work on related to that is making and keeping goals more effectively. some who know me know i'm pretty bad at sticking to things, and i want to be better about that. so, in 2013, my goals will be set and they will be met.

happy new year! it will be a great one, especially since i'm ringing it in tonight with the ball drop and grey's anatomy and in the morning with the rose parade. see ya, 2012!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

resolution for 2013: doing good

for the past couple weeks i've been thinking about resolutions for this next year. for the most part, a lot of my resolutions are the same. graduate, exercise more, do creative things. but the other day something occurred to me that i hadn't really thought about before.

dad asked meredith, and he's asked each of us at various times, what good she did that day. she had an answer, but as i was pondering the question for myself for that day, i wasn't sure if i really had an answer.

so, one of my resolutions is to do good everyday. i guess it's my iteration of "do a good turn daily," but i would like to focus more this year on looking outward and not being so wrapped up in all my stuff. i want to be able to say that i did something good each day, since a lot of the time these days i feel like i'm just leisuring my life away. and yes, i'm verbing leisure.

i want to be more like these people, who are so quick to serve and forget themselves. 

Friday, December 21, 2012


since finals ended, i've been living offline, for the most part. i mean, if we're coming to the end of the world, i should probably spend my last few days on earth hanging out with my family, not surfing the web and blogging, right? but, since we're all still here, i guess i can post again.

but, the last week has been pretty great, even though what i mostly did was go to every mall imaginable with berg and watch a lot of the office on netflix with berg and bud. i'm back in provo for now, but i'm excited to get back home for the rest of the break and play with our new dog (and our old dog :)), eat really good food, and lounge around with the fam.

that's my update and i'm sticking to it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


you know the magic of the season is in full swing when you are scatting "sleigh ride" in the car and you reach over to turn on fm100 and what do you happen to hear in real life? yeah, "sleigh ride".

also when you get a gorgeous royal purple top for FIFTEEN DOLLARS at j.crew without even trying.

yeah, christmas is magical.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

why tyler walke is the most eligible man in the world

lately i've been thinking that tyler is somewhat under-appreciated around these parts. i don't know if people really know how great he is, though i have it on good authority that at least one person thinks the title statement is true. but anyway, i've taken it upon myself to be tyler's advocate, to be a voice for the voiceless. of course, i kid--tyler is not voiceless. anyone who has ever played any game with him knows that. but i'll make a handy dandy list anyway.

--speaking of handy, tyler can fix just about anything. items i know he has fixed either in our house or in others': shower head, garbage disposal, water heater, toilet, toaster. and i'm sure there are countless other things. he also chopped down a huge weed that was growing in front of our window and built us a sweet rope ladder, which he designed, to access our balcony.
--he is the oldest sibling, with four younger sisters, so you know he knows how to treat girls/women. and he really loves them, which is even better.
--he gets passionate about things. two words: glove game.
--he's a guy you can talk to about guys. obviously this is really only good if you aren't romantically interested in him (if you are romantically interested in him, you shouldn't be talking to him about other guys. that's just rude.). but, do you know what i mean? some guys you would never go to for advice because they...hmmm, how do i say...don't really get it, how guys and girls work. but tyler gets it, which typically means that he, with all of us, throws up his hands and trusts that things will work out how they are supposed to. tyler doesn't try to push his weird theories on you; he listens and tries to be helpful and considerate.

so, there's my list. tyler is great, and many are baffled as to why some lucky lady hasn't yet snatched him up.

see what i mean?

Monday, December 10, 2012

it's beginning to look...

christmas is finally in full swing in our apartment. i mean, i've been listening to christmas music since halloween, but now it's officially okay. i just spent about an hour compiling all my christmas music and filling out my holiday music library. it just wasn't complete without the contribution from celine dion. and really, what collection of music isn't complete without a contribution from celine dion?

i picked my annual peck of ornaments from the sparkly selection at walmart, then we trimmed the tree. it's been a couple years since we've put up my cheap tree, but it has sentimental value, you know? we were sorely tempted to go for a real tree this year, but i didn't want to wait any longer, so up the fake one went.

i made an awesome christmas decoration!

the lights are strung, the mistletoe is positioned, the tree is trimmed. the cheesy christmas movies are playing. and now, the snow is falling. bring on the christmas cheer!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

today i...

graded 20+ issues papers,
wore mustard tights and black patent heels,
ate garlic bread,
went to the last day of new testament,
watched a movie on the wii,
didn't go to lunch with meredith and tess,
took too many quizzes on jetpunk,
successfully maneuvered a sock bun once again,
prepared an institute lesson,
conducted my last writing 150 classes,

and now i will rest for a few hours. and really get to work on everything tomorrow.

right after a date with the dentist.

Monday, December 3, 2012

wii like to party

on friday, as meredith and i were sitting at rubio's eating her birthday lunch, somehow the conversation turned to the wii. probably we were commiserating the end of zumba for the semester and wondering what the heck we were going to do for the whole month of december without it. i'm always talking about how much i love playing just dance, so i was probably saying that i wished we could just get a wii and play it anytime we wanted and stay in shape that way. "haha, yeah, let's buy a wii!" "i mean, we could just go to walmart right now haha."

and then we weren't laughing anymore. instead, we were sharing a very intent look. wait, we could actually do that. how much is a wii anyway? are we going to do this? i think we're buying a wii?!?

so i went off to class and meredith went home to compare prices.

and when i got home we purchased this baby.
and seriously, it was $120. one hundred twenty dollars. sixty bucks each. it was a steal of a deal, and it came with just dance 4 already! what could be better! it made so much sense.

i made the purchase online and then we picked it up from the store maybe an hour later. and, due to a dance party delay, we were dancing our hearts out the next day, the proud owners of a brand new wii, our first ever game system.

i'm still in a state of blissful shock. here's to the wii!

thanksgiving redux

because we were partying it up at disneyland on thanksgiving day, we didn't have a thanksgiving dinner, or even a world-famous disneyland turkey leg. tess didn't really have a sufficient turkey dinner either, so we decided to have our own.

people, i roasted my first turkey yesterday. it was awesome. well, truth be told, it was a little dry, but it was a learning experience, alright? but it was cooked, it didn't explode, and i removed all the gross bits with no difficulty. i felt pretty accomplished.

we also had real mashed potatoes, yams with brown sugar and pecans, stuffing with sausage, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie bars. and delightful dinner conversation, of course.

obviously i wouldn't have traded that thursday at disneyland, even for mom's thanksgiving dinner. but it did feel like something was missing. good thing we are competent and creative people. happy thanksgiving once again!