Monday, December 31, 2012

resolution for 2013: goal setting and keeping

my posting has been a little light for the month of december, so i planned to load up today, but new year's eve festivities got in the way. but, those festivities were pretty fun, so it's all good. more on all of that and christmas and everything later.

but, for now, another resolution, maybe the last one i'll put on my blog. i've been thinking a lot about self-discipline lately, and one resolution i can work on related to that is making and keeping goals more effectively. some who know me know i'm pretty bad at sticking to things, and i want to be better about that. so, in 2013, my goals will be set and they will be met.

happy new year! it will be a great one, especially since i'm ringing it in tonight with the ball drop and grey's anatomy and in the morning with the rose parade. see ya, 2012!

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