Monday, December 3, 2012

wii like to party

on friday, as meredith and i were sitting at rubio's eating her birthday lunch, somehow the conversation turned to the wii. probably we were commiserating the end of zumba for the semester and wondering what the heck we were going to do for the whole month of december without it. i'm always talking about how much i love playing just dance, so i was probably saying that i wished we could just get a wii and play it anytime we wanted and stay in shape that way. "haha, yeah, let's buy a wii!" "i mean, we could just go to walmart right now haha."

and then we weren't laughing anymore. instead, we were sharing a very intent look. wait, we could actually do that. how much is a wii anyway? are we going to do this? i think we're buying a wii?!?

so i went off to class and meredith went home to compare prices.

and when i got home we purchased this baby.
and seriously, it was $120. one hundred twenty dollars. sixty bucks each. it was a steal of a deal, and it came with just dance 4 already! what could be better! it made so much sense.

i made the purchase online and then we picked it up from the store maybe an hour later. and, due to a dance party delay, we were dancing our hearts out the next day, the proud owners of a brand new wii, our first ever game system.

i'm still in a state of blissful shock. here's to the wii!

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