Tuesday, December 11, 2012

why tyler walke is the most eligible man in the world

lately i've been thinking that tyler is somewhat under-appreciated around these parts. i don't know if people really know how great he is, though i have it on good authority that at least one person thinks the title statement is true. but anyway, i've taken it upon myself to be tyler's advocate, to be a voice for the voiceless. of course, i kid--tyler is not voiceless. anyone who has ever played any game with him knows that. but i'll make a handy dandy list anyway.

--speaking of handy, tyler can fix just about anything. items i know he has fixed either in our house or in others': shower head, garbage disposal, water heater, toilet, toaster. and i'm sure there are countless other things. he also chopped down a huge weed that was growing in front of our window and built us a sweet rope ladder, which he designed, to access our balcony.
--he is the oldest sibling, with four younger sisters, so you know he knows how to treat girls/women. and he really loves them, which is even better.
--he gets passionate about things. two words: glove game.
--he's a guy you can talk to about guys. obviously this is really only good if you aren't romantically interested in him (if you are romantically interested in him, you shouldn't be talking to him about other guys. that's just rude.). but, do you know what i mean? some guys you would never go to for advice because they...hmmm, how do i say...don't really get it, how guys and girls work. but tyler gets it, which typically means that he, with all of us, throws up his hands and trusts that things will work out how they are supposed to. tyler doesn't try to push his weird theories on you; he listens and tries to be helpful and considerate.

so, there's my list. tyler is great, and many are baffled as to why some lucky lady hasn't yet snatched him up.

see what i mean?


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the contents of this post.

  2. Not to mention that he's a BFL. (bro for life)

    1. ...Is being a "bro for life" supposed to be a good thing, Nate? Ha

      And Courtney, it is high time someone wrote a piece of literature extolling Tyler's many virtues. Glad to see you've done it. ;)

  3. Word, T-Walke.

    "There was something particularly pleasing about his manners, which I thought very easy and frank. He has an air of honest manliness, too, which, in these days of fribbles and counter-coxcombs, I own I find refreshing!”