Thursday, October 13, 2011

this night is sparkling/ don't you let it go

so, we went to see taylor swift a couple weeks ago. it was amazing, just as we knew it would be.
because of the craziness that is my life right now, i am just now uploading the pictures and videos to my computer. we didn't have great seats, so the pictures aren't like looking right up her nose or anything super cool like that, but looking at them and watching the videos did take me back to that magical night.

here are some pictures from the festivities. (i will not be posting any videos. too embarrassing--you can hear my loud singing, as i am the camera operator, and the dumb comments i make--"it's spinning!")

matching tie-dye. it's tradition.

in our seats. berg with a blurry face.

love her!!

loved these dresses.

enchanted, obviously. well, not obvious from the picture, but obvious because i love this song with everything that i am.        so yeah, obvious.

long live with the band :)

wearing a lovely dress sitting on a lovely couch.

flying around in a balcony during love story. yes, that is correct.

and, there she is looking like a princess.
for those of you skeptics who say that 1) t-swift is lame or has lame songs or 2) she's not good live, you don't know what you are talking about. i still believe that she would be an awesome friend and a super cool person, and i still get the chills when i hear some of her songs, because they express exactly how i feel. and, you'll just have to take my word for it: she is incredible in concert. she puts on an amazing, highly entertaining show, and everyone who is there adores her, which makes it even better.

also, this year, after making the regrettable mistake of not shelling out the cash for concert shirts at her last salt lake show, we stood in line and debated over the merits of the various t-shirts on display. meredith was this close to buying a forty dollar throw blanket, which she is now saying she wants us to buy her for her birthday. we bought our shirts and i wore mine to school the next day, sparking several conversations/one-sided debates. and, i'm even wearing my shirt now, i just realized.

thanks again, t-swift. you never disappoint. come to salt lake again, and tweet about us, why don't you. and thanks to berg for being born so we could buy her a ticket for her birthday.


  1. Love Taylor Swift; Love the tie-dye shirts and photos; Love all your posts very much; The Beesley sisters rock!! I really wish you would have posted the video with you singing!

  2. Thanks for putting that picture of me with a blurry face up! Thanks for buying tickets for my birthday! Thanks for being the best oldest sister EVER!