Tuesday, May 8, 2012

oh yeah, i really do love teaching

that is the realization i had on sunday as i was sitting in a training meeting for my new calling as the co-chair of our ward's gospel teaching council. i guess i've always remembered, in the back of my mind, that i love teaching, but i sometimes forget in the practice of it all (and in the midst of a lame semester, as far as my own education goes). i may not be a paid instructor anymore, but i hope teaching will be a part of my life forever. in the training meeting, i remembered how many amazing teachers i've had and how they inspired me to want to try to change lives. cliche, i know. but just because it's cliche doesn't mean it's not true, capiche?

and so this summer, at least, i get to teach sunday school. and that shall fulfill me for awhile.

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