Monday, March 25, 2013

journal dilemma

i'm in the market for a new journal. about a year and a half ago, the bookstore was selling a ton of piccadilly notebooks for super cheap. i bought a ton of those in every shape and size: small, medium, and large, blank, ruled, and graph. i was pretty much in heaven when i brought all those beautiful books home. i still have two large notebooks and one small one left, but i'm down to the last ten or so pages in my last medium one, which i use for my journal. anyone who knows me knows i can't be too long without a journal--i bring it with me basically everywhere.

so, i'm shopping around. i could go with piccadilly again:
pros to piccadilly: they are like moleskine, only cheaper; i know i like them; they match my other journals. cons: they aren't the easiest to find, especially just the way i like them.
or, i've had my eye for months on these beauties from kate's paperie.
pros: RAINBOW!!; something new to try; and, let's face it, i'm a sucker for anything rainbow. that's a pretty big pro in my book. cons: a little bit pricey; something different that i'm not sure i will like.

these are the main contenders. i just looked at amazon to see their profferings, and moleskine could come in to play. but we'll see. the rainbow might win out over familiarity. i like to switch things up.

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