Friday, June 7, 2013

thoughts on friday

yesterday i read two books in the space of 12 hours. welcome back, summer.

happy national doughnut day and chocolate ice cream day! best day of the year? it's possible.

why is it that the cold water from the bathroom sink is always colder than the cold water from the kitchen sink? i've always wondered.

this article about an apartment in new york city with built-in puzzles and codes is awesome. somebody please do this for me.

this week i've been reading a bunch of my old journals and i've had some thoughts. so those will be coming soon.

i did some major cleaning this week, with more to come. it feels good, you know? if only things didn't get messy again so quickly. i'm jumping on this urge to purge--time to simplify and get rid of all this stuff!

remember this guy? well, he's home now, and it's been pretty fun. sometimes it's weird to think about all those weekly letters to and from mexico, and now he's here and i'm still here. but i'm just going with it. he can still make me laugh like no one else.

have a great weekend!

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