Tuesday, July 2, 2013

on this day

i wrote this on saturday, but for some reason i've been on something of an internet fast since then. but i'm posting it anyway.

four years ago, i flew from salt lake to new york to shannon, ireland.

this is me when i first stepped outside, out into the first blustery day of the trip. this was the first leg of an amazing study abroad experience.

i was afraid, at first, to be honest. i didn't have any great friends going into the trip, it was the first time i would really be away from home, out of the country, and i can always find a million other things to worry about. it didn't help that, in the terminal at kennedy airport, waiting for the flight that would take me across an ocean, my computer inexplicably wouldn't turn on. so, for those first few days and nights, i fretted over whether i would ever be able to talk to my family or how i would upload pictures. i feared that all my worries would be confirmed.

eventually, my computer worked again. i made friends. i talked to my family and posted pictures on facebook. i had an incredible time. a four year anniversary seems as good a time as any to revisit it all, right?

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