Monday, August 12, 2013

a momentous occasion

last week, a big change occurred in my life. i was due for an upgrade, so i traded in my old phone, or, as the sprint guy so disdainfully called it, "that purple thing", for the mack daddy of phones, the iphone 5. it was a pretty big leap.

i have definitely been on my phone more in the last few days than ever in my life, but i'm hoping some of the novelty will wear off soon. i love having the scriptures on my phone, especially during this book of mormon challenge, i've joined the instagram world, finally. i take a few more pictures than i used to. i love the new york times crossword app (no surprise there). i look for cute cases most days. it's cut down on my facebook and twitter use, interestingly. we'll see how else it affects me as the time goes on.

so anyway, here i am, a smartphone user. welcome to the digital age, me!

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