Monday, November 25, 2013

thankful {part three}: little miracles

i've been struck recently by the way that good things happen in my life. i always expect these grand happenings, where i see this beam of light and hear a chorus of angels , whenever i discover what i'm supposed to do or be.

that's never how it is.

and i even know, intuitively, that that's pretty much how it is for everybody (see this talk). but i guess i usually at least want a little voice nudging me along. it's usually not like that.

it usually happens that i have a thought one day to do something, something random that i wasn't really planning on, and then something good, even great, comes from that. really, usually something perfect for me happens. so, i'm thankful for those little nonverbal nudges that teach me to trust in myself along with the Lord. i'm thankful for the tender mercies that i can see in my life everyday.

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