Thursday, December 19, 2013

i'm lame.

i know, i know. you're all thinking it. you're all whispering it behind closed doors: wasn't courtney going to post everyday in december? well, things have been really busy, i'll have you know. but busy is good. remember how a few months ago my life basically had no purpose and i had nothing to wake up for ever and all i did all day was read and watch netflix? oh, how the times have changed!!

i know i'm repeating myself here, but i have a million posts i've been thinking about, but i always feel like i need to catch up on the here and now first, you know? like i should have written my christmas playlist post weeks ago, like back when i started listening to christmas music after halloween. but i didn't. listen people, i'm not a professional blogger, if you didn't already know. i've got a life to live. your expectations are too high! :)

but really, it's like every day my fingers itch to write and it just doesn't happen. and i know not many people are waiting with bated breath to see what i'm going to say about some random subject, but this dumb blogging thing does mean something to me, i guess. wow, this turned weirdly existential all of a sudden.

i guess i just wanted to check in with my blog and let it (and whoever's out there. probably only dad.) know that i still love it and will be better about  not neglecting it in weeks to come. i mean, it's almost resolution time!

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