Wednesday, August 10, 2011

scenes that make me smile: part one

yesterday i went into the jfsb to check my box, and i obviously called for the elevator since i don't walk up four stories worth of stairs. anyway, when the elevator car arrived, i was surprised to see a side table, two little leather ottomans, and what i assume was a full italian dinner laid out in tupperware. i think it was italian because of the tell-tale green container of parmesan cheese. oh, and there was also a bottle of martinelli's. the best thing, though, was that no one was sitting at this little table of love--it was just riding up and down.

i didn't see the two lovebirds who were going to share this lovely elevator meal, but i got a chuckle out of it. and i hope they had fun riding on the elevator most likely picking up passengers every so often.

side note: this is the second date i've come upon in a jfsb elevator. just another one of those "original" byu dates i guess :)

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