Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sick days

so, i've already been feeling strangely apprehensive about this new fall semester. i knew things were going to be changing a little bit, and i have this pressure to be figuring out what i'm writing my thesis on, and i need to get this paper ready for the conference in a month, and the ward is all new, and whatever else. the last thing i needed was to get sick the weekend before school started.

but, of course, that's exactly what happened. and it isn't even like a regular cold that you just live through with the help of nasal spray and nyquil. no, this is some weird thing that makes me feel like my ears are plugged and like i'm going to fall over and like my head is going to explode. it is worst when i'm sitting in class not moving, which isn't good, since school is kind of something i have to be doing right now.

thankfully, yesterday dad happened to be coming down to provo so he could take me to the health center, a place i have never visited in my previous five years at byu. i got some medicine, which seems to be working, slowly but surely, so i feel i am on the road to recovery and renewed motivation.

for some reason, starting school again is almost always associated, at least for me, with being sick. it has happened to me multiple times! maybe this is just the universe telling me that i need to be done with school ASAP. could be.


  1. courtney...this is me responding to your comment on my that awkward? i can't believe i got recognized! it's like i'm famous or something! i hope it wasn't the time my daughter was screaming her head off as i walked around the store. :) you should totally say hi if you ever see me again at hobby lobby. also, if you're getting your masters at byu, we should talk....i bet we know some of the same people. a few of my best friends just finished the program.

  2. I had a dream during my nap today that you updated your blog. It totally seemed real because I could see your blog and everything. Imagine my sadness when I looked at your blog and there was no update. It was very sad!