Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sports fan

i wouldn't necessarily call myself a sporty person. a sports enthusiast, maybe, but not really a sports lover. i don't really have teams that i follow (besides byu, and even then it's only football and basketball--i couldn't tell you how the baseball team did this season), i don't watch espn regularly, i can't recite stats.
but i'm also not anti-sports. if someone is watching a game i'm semi-interested in (and nothing else that i have to watch is on), then i'll probably pay attention and get into it. i know how most sports work and understand the rules. i might not be able to predict a call before it's announced, but i can usually tell you what it means. i like going to games and getting behind a team. it's just fun. i've never missed a home football game in five years at byu, but i also have a confession: i typically don't watch away games. gasp, i know.
my dad and brother, however, are really into sports. they pretty much watch anything except for maybe nascar and boxing. i go to them when i want to know what exactly it means that byu went independent or how the nba draft works or who the newest jazz player is.
so, i guess what i'm getting around to with this discourse is that it would probably be better if the guy i eventually bring into my family has at least some working knowledge of sports. or maybe just an interest, or a willingness to be interested.
i was thinking about some of the guys i've liked in the past and how they probably wouldn't have really fit into my family because they really didn't care about sports at all. liking sports isn't everything, obviously, but it's something.
anyway, this post ended up being kind of inconsequential, as much of life is. but, at least it's out there now and maybe i'll remember not to like guys who hate sports in the future.
and, now that is finally football season and yesterday i got our first tickets in my inbox, i am beginning to feel the excitement that comes with this time of year, and that is something i need, especially after the couple weeks i've had. go cougs!

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