Tuesday, September 20, 2011

laughter is the best

i thought of that title this morning when i was walking to campus, and it reminded me of when, in dinner for schmucks, the steve carell character says, "you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not" and then i started to laugh, which is really the point of it all, especially this post.

sometimes i get embarrassed about my laugh. it's usually a whole-body affair. sometimes i thrash around or throw my head down on top of my hands or, conversely, throw my hands up to my face. i think it can get rather violent at times. even if i'm not in a situation where i can spasm all over the place, i laugh really loud. there was this lady in my ward growing up who you could always hear during church. i'd hear a laugh during a speaker's talk and think, well, sister so-and-so thought that was funny. i'm that sister so-and-so now.

but really, i kind of love it. i love to laugh, i love making people laugh, i love it when people make me laugh. so if people get annoyed at me for laughing loud, so be it.

it also makes me rethink when i get annoyed with people's legitimate weird laughs. legitimate as in they thought something was hilarious and laughed about it, as opposed to annoying fake laughs. but people can't help their laughs. it just bubbles up inside of you and comes out. (side note that isn't really a side not: i just looked up "burst" to see what it said and it gave this definition: to fly apart with sudden violence. that is awesome. and it perfectly describes my laughter.) so, i shouldn't make fun of people's laughs; i should go see what's so funny.

speaking of funny, look at this hilarious picture, which was shown to me by nathan. maybe he didn't want his name associated with this picture. oh well.

happy laughing!


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