Sunday, January 5, 2014

year in (p)review

This has been a pretty eventful year—both in the sense that it has been full of events and that is has been full of personal growth. I guess that’s pretty much all you can ask out of a little ol’ year, right? So I thought I’d give a little run down of what has happened in 2013 (in the briefest of detail—ain’t nobody got time for more than that) and a sneak peek into what I hope will happen in 2014 (not to be confused with my resolutions—those are in the works and will be coming over the next week or so). And away we go! 

Year in Review

Took a couple classes that were actually pretty interesting (it seems really weird to think that I was in classes this year…that feels like a lifetime ago)
Tutored ACT English and Reading at Sylvan Learning
Job searched
Job secured
Job started
Lived with both of my sisters
Did a ton of Zumba and Just Dance
Listened to so much great music
Moved out of Provo
Moved home
Moved away from home
Moved to Sugarhouse
Went to Taylor Swift
Went to Hanson
Went to Kelly Clarkson at Stadium of Fire
Saw a bunch of really good movies
Wrote in my journal a lot
Got an iPhone
Went to Disneyland on two occasions
Welcomed a missionary home
Hit the Peaks (Seven Peaks, that is)
Bought a car (sheesh, I almost forgot that, the biggest thing!)
Blogged on and off :)
Became a homemaker/DIYer/crafter (who am I kidding—I was already one of those)
Read almost all the standard works—all that’s left is the New Testament!
Read a bunch of books, too many to keep track of

And, without further ado: 

Year in Preview

Go to One Direction (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (I am a teenage girl, I know)
Send off a missionary brother :(
Have an awesome time in Sugarhouse
Go on at least one epic trip, hopefully more. But maybe not more.
Sew my Shop Hop quilt
Finish The Great Bedroom Redecoration at Logan Avenue
Basically be a dating machine
Create lots of art. In a lot of arty ways.
Finish the Book of Mormon at least once
Progress at work
Keep a faithful thankful journal
Get a TIME magazine subscription and actually read TIME
Have a bunch of parties
Just generally have an awesome time

This has been a good year, overall, with many ups and downs. I haven’t really mentioned any of the downs here—no one wants to hear about my identity crises or breakdowns. All of it translates to good things in one way or another. Onward and upward, my friends. Adventure is out there!

Happy New Year!!

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