Thursday, February 16, 2012

the clothes make the (wo)man

i don't know if i made this up, since a semi-cursory perusal of the internet didn't reveal a quote i could actually cite to this effect, but it's my belief that a good outfit can go a long way toward improving your overall attitude about life.

clearly, i'm not making any revelations here. but, this semester, i resolved, with carolyn, to dress up for class more often. this generally means wearing a dress or skirt to school rather than simply jeans and a blouse, which can, i admit, still be dressy. but the point is that i wanted to feel more dressed up everyday. this usually means that, in a normal week, i at least dress up three days (the days i teach). but it's gotten to be so fun putting together cute outfits that i sometimes wear a skirt or dress on the other days as well.

and you know what i've noticed? i feel so much better about my life when i feel like i look good. obviously putting together an outfit is not the most important thing i do everyday. but it makes a difference when i walk out of the house feeling like i have put together something fairly stylish, something that makes me feel good. i smile more, i feel more confident, i am more ready to face the harsh realities of this thing they call college life.

if i were one of those cool style bloggers, i would have images of my daily outfits to insert here. but i'm not that cool. and i'm not in the mood now to scout around for cool pictures of chic ladies who wear their clothes to the best of their abilities. but hopefully it's enough just to say that i like dressing up and i'm going to keep on doing it.

**full quote from the title of this post: "the clothes make the man. naked people have little or no impact on society." mark twain

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