Saturday, February 18, 2012

whistle while you listen

i've never been much of a whistler. this never bothered me much; i just figured i didn't have the right mouth shape or the innate ability to produce sweet little ditties. but then i started listening to all of these cool songs with whistling.

and then i wanted to become a whistler.

i'm still not perfect; my skills are passable and sometimes unreliable. but the point is that i've gotten better over the last few months as i've been practicing more often, so i think i can expect to get even better and become a whistle-master, right? right.

and now here, for your listening enjoyment, are some of the lovely whistling songs that have caught my fancy ("five years time" might be a repeat, but it's good enough that i'm okay with it) (also, "blood" doesn't technically have any whistling, but it is very whistle-able, so it counts.).

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