Wednesday, February 29, 2012

happy leap day!

 today is that magical day, the day that only comes once every four years, when we get a bonus twenty-four hours.

the thing is, because this holiday only occurs quadrennially, it seems no one really knows how we are supposed to celebrate. what does one do on leap day?

luckily, last week's episode of 30 rock answered that question:

 (sorry about the quality--nbc is pretty lame about putting clips on youtube, and it looked weird to put just the video link)

so, today i am wearing blue and yellow, and leap day william is going to trade my tears for candy, because heaven knows i have a lot of tears and i could always use more candy. and hopefully this leap day thing will catch on.

did you also know that the tradition goes that leap day is the day a woman can propose to a man and he can't refuse without giving her some sort of payment in return? in denmark, if a man refused a proposal on leap day, he was required to give the woman twelve pairs of gloves. in some places, a woman intending to propose on this day was supposed to wear a "scarlet petticoat" as a fair warning that she was up to no good. so i should probably take that opportunity; by tradition, i might even get fabric for a new skirt out of it.

today is the day where nothing counts, because real life is for march. so put on your yellow and blue and celebrate leap day!

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