Friday, March 2, 2012

artful fences

every day for the past two years i have walked past this lovely fence at the complex across the street from us.

{insert picture of beautiful wrought iron fence with upside down hearts kind of like this, but not exactly}

i was searching searching searching for a picture of this fence to do it justice because it's so beautiful. in the afternoon, when the sun shines at the right angle, the sidewalk is patterned with shadow hearts. and every time i seem those perfect shadow hearts, i think how badly i want to capture that simple beauty so i can see it all the time. 

yesterday, i walked by the elms, and these fences were laying on the grass, dismantled and forlorn. and i was/am incredibly sad. because what if i will never get the opportunity to see those beautiful hearts again or take more pictures when the sunlight is just perfect? so i'm hoping and hoping that these fences, which bring me such joy on a fairly regular basis, are just down temporarily and will be back up soon.

here's to hope.

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