Wednesday, March 28, 2012

how well do you know me?

okay, take a look at these two pages from the spring 2012 TOMS catalog. try to guess which pair i am dying to have. weigh the options carefully. i'll give you some time to ponder.

i mean, i love floral print. and those denim/chambray ones are pretty sweet, too. and the burlap ones would go with everything.

but if you guessed the purple glitters in the top right hand corner, you would be right. i purchased them today. they represent a marriage of two of my most favorite things in life: purple and sparkly things. i can't wait for them to come.

i asked one of my friends if he could guess which pair i wanted. he looked for a few seconds, then said, "well you do love purple and glitter. it was between those and the flower ones, and you already have those one flower shoes, so i'd go with the purple glitter." and he was exactly right, and that might have been my exact thought process as i was contemplating the spring collection. my friends know me well :)

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