Monday, March 19, 2012

driving music

i recently embarked on two nine hour car trips, to and from arizona, and we were in the car a lot to get to our various exciting destinations. during these drives, we were mostly listening to one of our ipods, though the long stretches of musical enjoyment were sometimes punctuated by talking (though, since i was in the back the whole time, i couldn't hear the talking up front. they maybe got a little tired of my pleas to speak up or turn the music down so i could be included in the conversation (maybe the point was that they didn't want me in the conversation... nope, couldn't be. i am a superb conversationalist. i think.)).

anyway. since i got home i've been looking up the bands jesse introduced us to and remembering how much i love the stuff i already knew. here are some of the standouts, the songs i'm still thinking about and listening to, with a more complete playlist at the end.

jimmy eat world-jimmy eat world
i was just saying to meredith how i needed to listen to this album again. the whole thing is so good. i couldn't believe i remembered all the words.

keane-hopes and fears
this album came on at around 10pm on the drive down as we were leaving page and making our way through northern arizona. i was singing almost at the top of my voice out into the darkened void. it's another album i own and love but have not listened to in years. i forgot how good it is.

miracle fortress-five roses and was i the wave?
jesse and james both claim that miracle fortress is perfect driving music, and i agree to the point that i want to listen more closely to both of these albums. i couldn't find the song i wanted on, so here's the video.

lcd soundsystem-particularly "dance yrself clean"
we listened to this on the way to bahama buck's, and i knew we were in store for something awesome when the boys up front paused the song when cassidy was on the phone. i have probably listened to this song seven or eight times since saturday, which is saying a lot since it is nine minutes long. i may or may not dance around my room every time i hear it.

noah and the whale-particularly "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N."
the trip wouldn't have been complete with a little noah and the whale.

celine dion-"it's all coming back to me now"
falling into you was one of the first albums i ever owned, and this song is a staple in our apartment whenever we want to be dramatic and sing our little hearts out, but it's been years since i listened to the complete extended version. and singing it in the car, everyone except james, was pretty epic.

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so there you have it. a sampling of our arizona soundtrack.

(just as an fyi: at least one song on this playlist has some colorful language. i couldn't find an edited version. and i haven't listened to all of these tracks from all the way through, so hopefully weird stuff doesn't happen. but just be forewarned.)

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