Monday, March 5, 2012

the best kind of sunday

there are two kinds of sundays, in my experience. first, there are those sundays where you wake up and everything is covered in snow, even though snow has been forecast for weeks and nothing has happened. of course, snow will fall on the one day you walk around in precarious footwear and a dress. and you also know that the consequences of this massive snowfall will be around for days, if not weeks, forcing you to take baby steps around campus in order to avoid a slip on the ice (one of your most dreaded occasions).

but second, and most importantly, there are those glorious sundays where the sun is shining and the breeze is gently wafting and you come home from church and keep your front door open all afternoon and you go sit on a blanket in the beaming sun and stick your too-white legs out from under your skirt and then lay on the lawn of the library with your friends and later play games and laugh and laugh.

yesterday was one of those sundays. i can't wait for spring.

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