Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the great 'wich hunt: which wich?

which stole my heart.

i've wanted to go there for a couple weeks now, and when i finally did, with my mom and meredith, i was completely enamored.

i wrote in my post about firehouse subs how i detest going to new places and not being able to understand the menu and therefore making a dumb decision about what to order. at which wich, a restaurant where confusion could run rampant, a nice man (probably the manager) asked us if we had ever been to which wich before. since we hadn't, he explained the process.

you come to the menu before you talk to any employees. the menus for each different type of sandwich (chicken, beef, ham and pork, classics, comforts, etc.) are posted on boards up above, then you grab a paper bag and a sharpie to fill out the info for the specific sandwich you want. as we know, i am a fan of roast beef, so i chose the beef bag and filled out accordingly.

 so there i am with my little paper bag. i think this is genius--you see all of the options for meats, breads, toppings, sauces, extras right there in front of you. the sandwich maker doesn't have to recite all of the choices for every customer, and the customer doesn't have to try to remember everything at the counter. you can choose exactly what you want, and that's what you will get.

here's my lovely sandwich--roast beef on white, toasted, with mayo, mustard, cucumbers, salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar. simple but delicious. i also highly recommend the house chips, which are a dollar and are dusted with salt and pepper (why don't more people do this? it's delicious.)

the atmosphere at which wich is also very cool. the appliances and furniture mix stainless steel and blonde wood, a classic look. you can write a message or draw on your sandwich bag and hang it up with utility clamps. instead of napkins, they have rolls of paper towel, which is probably more environmentally conscious. you can sit up at the bar and read one of several newspapers, which are also hanging from utility clamps. and one time when we were there, one of those high school dance team competitions that they show on espn on saturday mornings and afternoons was on--highly entertaining.

all in all, i like which wich a lot. i'm working up to trying the chicken pesto sandwich--next time!

which wich:
taste: 8.5
establishment: 9.5
price: 8 
crave factor: 6
menu readability/ease of ordering: 10
total: 42

take a trip to which wich: 1077 south 750 east (university mall), orem, ut 84097, 801-224-9424 (the only utah location!)

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