Friday, April 13, 2012

an abundance of music

most of the time i feel like there is too much good music for me to really be able to experience in my life. i guess i really feel this way about most things, not just music, but it's music that i'm thinking about right now. i have about 8GBs of new music coming to me pretty soon, and while i'm really, deliriously excited to get it all and be able to start listening to it on my own, i'm also kind of worried and intimidated. can i really listen to all of that and truly come to know and appreciate it? that doesn't even include all the music i already have and that i want to listen to. and then don't forget that new music, from bands i love and from bands i will probably love, comes out practically everyday. how am i supposed to keep up with it all? i think there is too much for me to handle! but i guess that's why we have our whole lives to listen to amazing music. maybe it's just that some people are better at internalizing the music they hear that i feel like i am an inadequate music aficionado next to them.

jesse proposed an interesting scenario tonight. i came in a little late, but they explained it to me, so here you go. what if you could only listen to 8000 songs (an arbitrary number he just came up with) for the rest of your life? and, once a song begins, it counts as one of your 8000---one of your 8000 options is gone. and, he explained, you can choose any number of songs, so you could potentially only listen to two songs 4000 times each for the rest of your life, for instance. eric did some calculations, and i think he said that, figuring in three-minute long songs, you could listen to 8000 songs nonstop in 16 days.then we changed the parameters so you could stretch out your listening time--2 hours once a week=8000 songs in about 6 years.

what does all of this mean? well, i think it means i would be a lot more selective with what i listen to. i would try not to waste some of my 8000 allotted on lame songs. which christmas songs would i choose? which hymns? which boy bands? which new songs, the ones i haven't heard yet?

so i guess i'm grateful i don't have to be more careful with my music listening choices. though it is going to be harder now to decide what i want to listen to.

here is one track from my new collection, also a taste of cults, the band i went to see on wednesday night.

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