Friday, April 6, 2012

ubiquitous pinterest post

this semester as we were discussing issues paper topics in my classes, i strongly encouraged my students to try to talk about pinterest in some way. after all, our focus is new media, and pinterest happens to be a fascinating new media trend affecting people right now.

this might have been a little unfair of me, though i do think it's in their best interest to write about something that i care about; otherwise they have to convince me that i should care, though that isn't impossible or even discouraged. it's just harder. but i guess what i maybe should have done/will do right now is explore my own thoughts about pinterest. and it won't be 8 to 10 pages or even be very much of a coherent argument. just don't tell my students.

yes, i think pinterest can be just another internet time-waster. i know there have been times when i've gotten lost in the wonders of pinterest for an hour or two, though some pretty awesome pins probably came out of that. i do sometimes wonder how much will actually come of my pinterest boards, though, particularly my style board. i can make recipes and crafts, but in order for many of the things i pin to 'stylish' to actually materialize i would have to shell out lots of actual money. and i don't know when that will ever happen.

but what about the things that have materialized in my real life due to pinterest? i've made some awesome crafts and some of the best meals of my life (pecan-glazed salmon...hello yes) from pinterest. (i won't say anything about the macaroni and cheese i made that didn't quite live up to my pinterest expectations.) just this week my dinner group offering featured not one, but four, recipes discovered on pinterest. and it was pretty darn good. the possibility of delicious meals and adorable crafts was always there before, but the appeal of one-stop shopping via pinterest is pretty strong.

and i must say it's cool that people anywhere can access things i've pinned, or i can access things other people have pinned. i'm always flattered just a teeny bit when someone i don't know, who lives who knows where, repins something from one of my boards. it's like they're saying, yeah, you DO like cool things. and now we're part of a sisterhood (let's face it--most of the people repinning my stuff are women) of pleat enthusiasts or gray&yellow fanatics. i'll probably never meet these people, but we'll be forever connected through the internet, as long as pinterest lasts, at least.

that's maybe all i have to say at this point. pinterest largely doesn't matter to my eternal salvation. but, every few days or so when i get on pinterest, it does bring me quite a bit of joy. so i don't think that's too bad.

*all photos, some of my inspiration images, can be found on my pinterest board, 'stylish'

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