Thursday, February 10, 2011

the best month

maybe it's because my birthday is in february (okay, it's definitely because my birthday's in february), but i have always loved this month, and i've long felt it was a little underappreciated. just because a month is a little shorter than the rest doesn't mean it shouldn't get some lovin'. 
and, i guess february can be pretty dreary because it's like winter is starting to leave and spring is starting to come, but neither of them are quite in control so the weather is still cold but sometimes the sun comes out and teases you so you think you can get away with not wearing a winter coat. rocking sunglasses and gloves at the same time is a pretty weird sensation. and the bad weather sometimes leads to the grumpies. but it isn't february's fault that it is part of WINTER.
february is great. it's a month of love, celebrating black history (who doesn't love that?), presidents' birthdays, groundhog appreciation, and the occasional, exhilarating leap day. it is awesome. 
in other news, i'm going to san diego tomorrow. february will be even better in sunny southern california :)

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