Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i'm too old for this

today i sent off a missionary for the first time. i'm about four years too late for that, but oh well.
IT WAS SO HARD!!! i was really unprepared for how sad i would be that i won't get to actually talk to him for two years. but i was. it was tough. now i know what all those freshman girls were feeling when they said goodbye to their cute little pre-mission boys.
obviously, i know he is doing the right thing and that a mission will be so amazing for him. also, he's only 19, so he could definitely use maturing in some areas. i can't wait to hear how hard it is for him to go to bed and wake up early :)
here's a picture of us from last weekend when i went to his farewell.
we make goofy faces. without consulting each other. and i'd also like to point out that i picked out his tie. super spiffy, no?

i'm really going to miss quoting the office, watching crazy youtube videos, talking about pretty much every subject in the world, and speaking in random accents. but i can't wait to see how he grows and matures and serves the lucky people of mexico.

and now, i'd like to share some of the best texts and/or lines from messages that i have gotten from john. that boy is definitely one of a kind. (original spelling has been preserved)
mmmm idk why but chocolate syrup covered taquitos are dang good!
i danced to the hamster dance in 2nd grade that song changed my life.
i blow sexy kisses at danger and then say no when it asks me on a date.
i also specialize in just got nard-dogged!
hahaha ;) ima miss quoting the office wich youse sis.
yessss haha jk what do I smell like? Beautiful roses dipped in honeysuckle goodness?
just think your giving the house tour and you come to a window overlooking your lawn and yo like, "there's my lawn and WOH SASQUATCH aha just kidding i bought him"
there are more gems, but that's probably enough for now. i'm going to miss you a ton, elder hansen! see you in two years!

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