Thursday, February 3, 2011

shake your groove thang

i'm a little obsessed with zumba. i've always had a thing for aerobics. call me crazy, but i don't like to exercise unless it is fun, so aerobics (aka dancing while occasionally lifting weights to good music) is basically the only way i like to do it, unless i'm in the (rare) mood for hip hop abs. 
but, zumba is perhaps even better than basic aerobics. the simple description is "aerobics with latin dance moves," and a pretty huge part of latin dance is shaking your hips. it's a little awkward at first, especially since we're in a huge room of girls and sometimes creepers watch from the windows above, but for the most part it is awesome. when else would you get to shake your money maker with the knowledge that you are also shaking away the calories? i submit that there is no other time. 
i love zumba. a lot. i love that i feel cute and flirty while i'm doing it, which doesn't really make sense since i actually look frumpy and sweaty. but it just makes me happy, and i should probably keep doing things that make me happy. good rule of thumb.

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