Friday, January 27, 2012

good day

some days i feel bad.

i stress about teaching, thesis, dating, friends, living situation, looks, THE FUTURE/what the heck i'm going to do with my life. all of that good stuff that women of a certain age in master's programs might worry about on a fairly consistent basis.

today i feel good.

if i were (was? my training tells me to use the subjunctive, but my ear tells me to give it up and stop acting so pretentious.) one of those cool fashion bloggers, i might post a picture of my outfit today. because i look pretty good. and looking good usually makes me feel good.

my class went well this morning, and i have no reason to think my later class won't go well. and good classes usually make me feel good.

today is friday, and even though i don't have anything epic planned (though i guess not having epic plans doesn't necessarily mean epic things won't happen. the weekend before last, the weekend of night games, haunted insane asylum, yoga, hot springs, amazing incredible fort, rousing game of fill-in-the-blank, southern-style cooking, dance party, and cool runnings, didn't really require any prior planning. and it was EPIC.), the weekend means relaxation and fun. and good friends and good fun usually make me feel good.

so, i feel good. life is good. and here's a song to brighten your day, too.

(this song plays in the last scene of one of my favorite favorite movies, ramona and beezus. have you seen it? if not, you should. it is great and is sure to make you feel good.)

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