Friday, January 20, 2012

the wonder of facial hair

i have always been very anti-facial hair.

i was one of those girls who, when the age-old "beard card" question emerged at byu, silently agreed that guys should just deal with shaving and buck up about their beards and mustaches. i've recently come to feel a little differently, though.

girls don't ever have to think about facial hair, for the most part at least. i don't have to get up everyday and grumble about having to put a sharp razor to my face in case i need to take a test or in case the honor code police comes down on me. but guys do. and they don't like to put that sharp razor to their face, not to mention the possible razor burn or the lack of warmth due to lack of hair.

so this year i gained some appreciation for facial hair. i guess i put myself in the man's shoes and realized that it would be a bummer to have to worry so constantly about the little hairs growing out of one's face. also, these boys became my good friends right at the start of no shave november:

and then this was the christmas card they sent around. so i'm pretty much okay with mustaches these days, though i don't know how i feel about them long term. we'll see about that.

and how could i not love mustaches when they are so cute?

handlebar mustache. get it? from urban outfitters.

and i can't wait for the second annual mustache party in honor of casimir pulaski day. that was a magical party.

mustaches for everyone!

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