Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the great 'wich hunt: firehouse subs

i have come to the conclusion that one of the few meals i am always in the mood for is that great american institution, the sandwich. so, in the vein of other similar pursuits found elsewhere, i will attempt to chronicle and rate the sandwiches i encounter. maybe someday i will find the best.

but for today: firehouse subs. it opened a few months ago in the strip mall across from the actual mall, and it is right next to some of my favorite places in provo (smashburger, yogurtland, and rubio's), so i had high hopes for firehouse.

i finally went one day by myself because the people i usually go to lunch with don't have the same affinity for subs. the chain has a firefighting theme, complete with dalmation-print tabletops and red plastic helmets for the kids. when i walked in, some of the employees called out "welcome to firehouse," which i think is nice but also a little cheesy. anyway, i hate going to a new place without anyone who has ever been there, because i tend to get confused by new menus. and this time was no exception. luckily, my choice was good.
this is the smokehouse beef and cheddar brisket (tm)(the sandwich name includes the tm, so i guess i should include it here, too). it is one of firehouse's hot specialty subs, and it is exceedingly delicious. all of the subs come with a cold dill pickle spear, and the pickles make my mouth water. the brisket has been "smoked for 10+ hours," and i believe it because it is so tender and juicy. the cheese is melted and not annoyingly stringy or chewy, and the combination of barbecue sauce and mayo adds just the right flavor. this is a simple yet satisfying sandwich.

firehouse subs (all scores out of 10):
taste: 9
establishment: 8
price: 6 (about $8 for a combo, $5-6ish for the sandwich only)
crave factor: 8
menu readability: 5
total: 36

visit firehouse and let me know what you think: 538 east university parkway (across from university mall), orem, ut 84097, 801.705.8500

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  1. I just tried Which Wich tonight and it was a pretty darn good sub. You should try it. It's just north of university mall.