Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a monday gchat

i've been feeling a little out of sorts for the past couple of days, due to circumstances that i won't go into right now. i haven't been acting like myself, really, and i've had the feeling that i need to make some changes/address some things that are happening these days. this is very vague, and for that i am sorry. but sometimes i don't feel the need to put all the gory details out there.

but anyway, yesterday something amazing happened. i wrote an email to my missionary friend, since i've missed writing him the past couple weeks. i sent the email and then proceeded to look around the internet as i am sometimes wont to do. then, fortuitously, i went back to gmail to see if anything had come in. and he had emailed me back to say that he was online and that we should chat. so, for about an hour, we traded emails back and forth and got to catch up a little and joke around. he sent me a picture of him "being stoked to talk to me," and i sent him one of me happy to talk to him, even though i had just finished my just dance workout and i looked...less than put together.

so even though i don't have everything here figured out yet, that little exchange brightened my day, and maybe my week. i remembered how much i miss him and how great he is. i mean, it's been 17 months since i've seen or talked to him in person. and getting to chat gave me the boost i needed. i can do hard things.

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