Wednesday, July 25, 2012

to my future children: third installment

we will go on adventures, whether that means taking a trip to the grand canyon or to the public library. i'll teach you to look at life as a series of adventures that help you to grow and learn. and it will be pretty dang fun.

i'm not going to let you be bad daters, so we're going to start early. not with the actual dating, because that would be weird, but with the theories and principles that make up good dating practices. chivalry, how to be a gentleman/lady, communication (which includes, but is not limited to, asking someone on a date, telling someone you like them, being honest even when it's scary), and dating etiquette (like no marathon first dates). never fear; i'm not going to send you out into the dating world, a terrifying place on its own, some people i know. it might still be hard, since dating isn't easy, typically, but at least you'll have a good foundation.

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