Monday, July 23, 2012

site association

i've been thinking lately about how i associate certain places with certain people and experiences. i recently went on a long walk that took me and my walking buddy all over south campus, including almost the entire length of the south campus stream and trail, and now that and a couple other spots will forever remind me of him and of the events of that night, which were somewhat bittersweet, if i'm being honest. but there are other places that make me think only of specific people, which i guess is awesome and not so awesome, depending on the circumstance.

the provo costa vida will always conjure memories of tori and our many costa runs during our roommate years.

rock canyon park and the little grove of trees on the street side reminds me of will, matt, and beka and the time we filmed our scene from as you like it, in early modern english, there. (too bad that video never made it to light. i'm sure we would all be stage stars by now if it had.)

trafalga will always be associated in my mind with the taj boys and last winter, when we used it as our hangout and played countless games of mini-golf and laser tag just so we could get out of the house.

and there are many other places that hold special memories with countless other people. i guess i have already kind of addressed this, at least in relation to provo, in a previous post. but lately, in light of recent events, i find myself going back to the places where significant things, significant conversations have happened to me. last sunday i retraced the steps i had taken two weeks before, when things looked promising and i was so happy, to try to get some of those feelings back in the midst of some of the muddiest, most confusing times of my life.

for better or for worse, i have some strong memories associated with places i go and see every day. the wall on the south side of the provo city library will never be the same again.

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