Monday, July 16, 2012

watch this: part two

this weekend i finally saw moonrise kingdom.

i was building up to it for months, preparing by watching wes anderson's other films (edited, if that matters). then, all of the friends decided to go see it without me. i'm not bitter. so, i needed to make a trip up to the broadway center theater in salt lake on my own.

BUT THEN. emily told me on thursday that, miracle of miracles, moonrise kingdom has come down to provo. nothing was holding me back. and so it was that on friday night, emily, sloane, kelsey, and i headed down to the provo towne centre (not me being pretentious--that's how they spell it) cinemark to watch what promised to be a delightful movie.

and it kept its promise. i wholeheartedly recommend this movie, though you should be warned that there is a somewhat awkward part. but it was hilarious, especially if you are into wes anderson humor. all of the acting was great, the cinematography was amazing, as it always is. i will definitely be seeing it again/possibly buying it at some point in the future.

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