Tuesday, September 4, 2012

delightful weekend: part one (sleepover at emily's)

almost none of this weekend was planned. it just ended up being awesome, which is probably a testament to how many great people i have in my life right now.

this is going to end up being more of a list than anything else, because i could go on and on about everything we did. so i'll try to be more brief. also, why am i the worst with taking pictures of stuff? that reason alone makes me want a smart phone really bad. but anyway.

  • emily, sloane, and i have been trying to schedule some time to watch felicity (post forthcoming--it's taking me forever to get all my thoughts organized about this crazy show.) for some time, especially since i finally caught up to them. friday was the appointed day. i went to emily's after class, at 4, sloane brought this amazing cupcake something-or-other ice cream, and we watched an episode before sloane had to leave.
  • meredith and tess met up with us and we headed to cafe rio for dinner. it was delicious as always. after dinner we made the trek to costco, where such glamorous items as toilet paper, water bottles, and vitamins were purchased (passive voice used intentionally to protect the identity of the buyers.

  • here the festivities really began in earnest. we decided, on the way home from costco, that we might as well have a sleepover since we really just wanted to hang out with each other anyway. so we gathered our sleep essentials and reconvened. emily and i have been talking about watching amelie and making rice pudding for ages, so we finally did that. amelie=beautiful and funny and happy. homemade rice pudding=creamy and sweet and one of the best things ever. 

  • then, it was getting pretty late, and at first i thought things were winding down. but emily was determined that we should make a lip-sync music video, and that lead to a little game i like to call "fun with photobooth" and a lot of taylor-swift-music-video watching.

  • finally, we went to bed. i did wake up in the middle of the night to the crazy lightning and thunderstorm that was happening, but i swiftly fell asleep again. when we woke up, we decided to go visit tess at work at the awful waffle. i love a good crepe, so i was pleased with my nutella and strawberry creation. and the whipped cream made me want to die. it was so good.

this concludes part one of this series. stay tuned for more exciting news.

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