Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my food cravings

i get some weird, random food cravings. and i don't mean once in awhile--pretty much everyday i have some weird food craving. i'm not sure why this is. some have suggested pregnancy, but it's definitely not that. it's possible that i just love food and am thinking about it a lot of the time. maybe i'm crazy. but whatever the reason, once i get that craving, i won't be able to stop thinking about it if i don't satisfy the urge soon.

some of my recent cravings include:
slab pizza. this is a frequent one, as well as the catalyst for this post. i'm really wishing i had a slab of chicken cordon bleu pizza right now.
sour candy. mostly sour patch kids. i don't know what it is; sometimes i just get in that crazy candy mood.
chocolate chip pancakes. a couple months ago, inexplicably, at 11pm, i had to have some chocolate chip pancakes. so i rounded up some of my dear friends and we headed to denny's. craving crisis averted.
crepes. there are just those times when i want a crepe, dang it. i've had the awful waffle in my head for days because i can't wait to go back and get another crepe. the nutella! the fresh whipped cream!
burgers. i don't get this one too often--my fragile constitution can't take big juicy burgers all the time. but every once in awhile, one of those big juicy burgers really hits the spot.
sandwiches. my love of sandwiches is well-documented. i get the sandwich craving probably once a week at least.
ice cream. my sister and friends know that there are times when i just declare "i need some ice cream. right now!" and then i either run to the store or to coldstone or to dairy queen and enjoy some delicious ice cream.

so there you have it. some people think i'm pretty weird, but really it's just that i love food.

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