Monday, September 10, 2012

delightful weekend: part two (swiss days)

i have memories of swiss days going back to when i was a little girl. they always include aunt liz and mom, which is kind of funny. i remember them talking about swiss days as if it were a sacred event.

i've gotten some blank stares as i have told people that i went to swiss days this weekend, so i'll tell you a little bit about what it is. in midway, utah, just west of heber city, there is a big celebration every labor day weekend. this started as a celebration of the harvest back in the 1940s, but now it's a pretty big deal. people come from all over to eat swiss tacos, listen to the entertainment (we were regaled by yodelers), and, most importantly, peruse the wares that various vendors sell at the fair. maybe some people go to swiss days for other legitimate reasons, like to celebrate their swiss heritage. i go to look at all the cute and sometimes weird stuff. the vendors set up tents through the midway town square, and for those two days, the town square is packed with potential buyers.

as i've gotten older, i've come to appreciate swiss days on my own. it's fun to see all the different little shops and hopefully find something cool to buy. i didn't think i was going to get to go this year, so i'm glad mom decided she would come down so we could go together.

interesting/cool things i saw at swiss days:
  • one shop selling signs made of cut up license plates and another selling "humorous clocks." clearly, these are niche markets.
  • three grown women dressed as witches. apparently it was for the parade?
  • a million kids with these foam bows and arrows. these were the big seller, presumably because of the recent coolness of archery. (katniss and the u.s. men's archery team would be proud.)
  • things i could most definitely make myself and am therefore not willing to shell out 20 bucks for. if i want to mod podge a piece of decorative paper with a cute saying on it onto a wood block, i think i can handle doing that on my own.
we ate a yummy swiss taco (well, yummy once i picked off all the onions...), and i ended up buying two adorable pairs of button earrings. i can make and will be making these on my own, but the fabrics were too cute to pass up.

 aren't they awesome? i realize that the pictures are not totally compatible, but there you go.

mom bought a new collar for the dog, a tie for carter, a pair of earrings, a necklace, and patterns for some fun pincushions. a successful shopping day all in all.

when we were ready to be done wandering around the square, jayne was kind enough to let us chill at her house, which is close to the action but removed enough that we weren't annoyed at everyone. it was from jayne's porch swing that we watched the rainstorm that plagued the people who were still out examining the swiss days goods.

it was a great afternoon. i've been wearing my earrings for four days straight. i'm glad we got to go, mom!

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