Monday, September 17, 2012

delightful weekend: part three (down home barbecue)

for some reason, i love spelling out "barbecue" way more than abbreviating it to "bbq." i mean, "bbq" has a time and a place, but "barbecue" looks so much prettier.

anyway. we already knew i was weird about word things. so on to the business at hand.
(note as i am finishing this almost a week later: this got a little away from me. i guess i got really busy last week or something?)

sunday, i needed to stay in provo to sub for gospel doctrine (loved it) and berg needed to teach in her relief society, so we headed up to nsl with emily around 4:30. finally we were reunited with everyone, including meredith and tess. at home, we all took turns at the piano, playing our favorite tunes.

the highlight of the night was our epic taylor swift sing-a-long, followed by watching nearly every t-swift video ever produced. that girl just gets it, man. she is so great. i don't think i'll ever get tired of her, because she knows what's up.

on monday, we lazed around for the better part of the morning, talking to mom and running errands. eventually we started prepping for the barbecue, which for me meant de-shelling hard-boiled eggs and turning them into delicious deviled eggs. brett arrived just in time, and the festivities began.

family barbecues are the best, you know? burgers you buy at a restaurant are almost never as good as they are when they are crafted by mom and grilled by dad. you can't beat that. and then everything else is always scrumptious as well. and then, when we are full to bursting, we sit around the table or around the yard, out in the late afternoon sun and shade, and talk, just spend time together. i love that. i can't wait for my own family barbecues.

this particular labor day i also took a walk up to the golf course, which i'm ashamed to admit i'd never done before, and it's literally (really, literally) right behind my house. then, we topped off the great food with an amazing chocolate bread pudding that mom and i realized we weren't having enough of in our lives.

basically, it was a lovely end to a lovely weekend with people i love. and\, it was a great way to wrap up the best summer. because after labor day, you can't really pretend that fall isn't coming fast and hard.

this picture borrowed/stolen from emily, who was the only one to document this great day :)

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