Friday, October 5, 2012

good news for this week

sometimes i just need to focus on the positives. not that my life is bad, by any means, but it's especially easy for me, as i've said before, to get hung up on the stresses and forget about the good stuff. so, here are some of the lovely things happening lately, in no particular order.
  • alias is on netflix watch instantly now. i literally gasped when i saw it. 
  • i got a free waffle from the awful waffle thanks to the lovely tess. nutella, bananas, and a whole lot of vanilla whipped cream.
  • conference is this weekend, and i get to go on saturday! yay!
  • my students are funny. and, when they put their minds to it, they can have some pretty great discussions. 
  • i went on a shopping trip with a boy this week. he has this thing for insulting my fashion sense, which is not so cool, but hopefully this successful trip laid that to rest. because now i'm his permanent fashion consultant. according to him.
  • my shows are still making me laugh, which is always a good sign. 
  • i still love teaching, both writing 150 and institute. 
  • zumba kicks my butt, in the best possible way.
  • i get to spend all weekend with my family and other people that i love!
so there you have it. life is good.

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