Tuesday, October 30, 2012

halloween-type things...

i've done this year
pumpkin patch+haunted hay ride+corn maze
made and eaten a lot of pumpkin/halloween food, including lots of spooky cookies
halloween pandora station, which was a little bit of a letdown

i haven't done this year
worn a costume/planned a costume
gone to any sort of halloween shindig
carved a pumpkin
watched a scary movie (i'm putting my foot down this year)
gone to a haunted house. which will probably never happen.

i'm not sure what the deal is. usually i'm a little more enthusiastic about halloween, but this year i just have no desire to participate. i'll help the others get ready for their party and i'll gladly eat pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, but i don't care at all about missing the season for scary movies or about not dressing up.

maybe i am getting too old for some of this stuff? i'm also not in the mood for the crazy late night adventures like i have been in the past. i told meredith one night that i wasn't feeling up to going out on the town, and she said, if you're too old for this, it's time you got out of provo. which i thought was a little harsh, but maybe almost true.

oh well. halloween is fun; this ended up being more melancholy than i thought it would or even than i actually feel. life is still good! i'm just not really celebrating halloween, which is still okay, right?

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