Wednesday, October 31, 2012

thoughts on wednesday

first of all, is it seriously only wednesday? it feels like it should be thursday at least. i keep thinking tonight is institute. sheesh.
in other news:
--i'm trying to revamp my life and be 1)more productive and 2)more healthy. i feel pretty good about my productivity this week, but the myriad sugar cookies i've eaten probably aren't doing much for my fitness goals.
--on a related note, i have a renewed interest in going to the library and doing work, which is haven't had in, oh, say, two years? so that's pretty awesome.
--also on a related note, the provo library is about to become my office away from my office.
--today is halloween, which is typically my favorite day on byu campus. notable costumes: a giant snowman, the tenth doctor, katniss everdeen, gumby and pokey, and several avengers. none of these topped the awesome tetris piece i saw a few years ago, or even the sexy sax man whose dulcet tones filled campus last year. i think i like byu on halloween so much because it brings people together. i always ask my students what good costumes they've seen and it's always funny when we've seen the same ones.
--and...i thought i had more thoughts, but we're on our way to dinner, not to chipotle for $2 burritos as originally planned, but rather to some other destination. and what a way to end this post :)

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  1. sexy sax man is still my favorite costume i've ever seen at BYU. but there were some good ones yesterday!