Saturday, January 12, 2013

a sporting family

sometimes, i'm not in the mood for athletic events. i've been to a lot of games in my day, and there came a time last year where i was just tired of school spirit. but i find that it's pretty much back in full swing these days.

sporting events, for me, have never really been a friend thing. some people have huge groups that they get tickets with and camp out with for games. that's never been me. instead, games are a family thing. we all have tickets to everything--byu football and basketball--so it's basically family time.

last night, we went to the basketball game, all of us minus dad. carter, bergen, and i went about an hour and a half early so we could get decent seats in the student section, while mom and meredith sat in the (boring) (some say) season-ticket-holder seats. this is the time to be in the byu student section, people. now that things are revamped--you can call us the ROC...which stands for roar of cougars...yeah, i don't know--it's a pretty good time. carter ended up with a big foam board head of some guy from yo gabba gabba and we all had sweet balloons to wave when the opposing team was shooting free throws. dwight schrute was floating around, along with darth vader, tim tebow, and the fresh prince of bel air. we were dancing and singing and cheering and it was a good time.

i guess i will miss byu athletics when i eventually leave here. but the good thing is that i don't have to give up hanging out with my family :)

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