Tuesday, January 29, 2013

today is the day!

last night at fhe, we were talking about things we are grateful for, things we are looking forward to this week, and things that we are worried about. i said that there really wasn't much i was looking forward to, since this is supposed to be a pretty normal week. that reminded travis, my conversation partner, of something that i thought was really cool.

he said that, over the break, his mom had made them all (i'm assuming this was for some kind of lesson?) take out their phones, choose a random day in each month, and set an event saying "today is the day!" then, when the alarm went off to signify that today, in fact, was the day, they were supposed to do something out of the ordinary to make that day special. i asked him what he had done when he got the reminder, and he said "i went to vegas." "the day" had fallen on the thursday before the long weekend, so he and his brother had just decided to go to vegas, because today was the day. isn't that awesome?

i think i'm going to do that. it's easy for the days and weeks to just roll along without anything particularly extraordinary happening, and this seems like a cool and fun and easy way to bring some spice into your life. when today is the day, you've got to make it count.

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