Saturday, January 19, 2013


i keep trying to start posts about stuff that's going on, but none of them are fully formed, which i guess means i should just write something to get them out. so, without further ado, thoughts.

--i've been researching this week (and will be for the rest of the semester), reading some mormon missionary diaries of elders who served in england during the 1800s. it's pretty cool, partly because it seems like missionary life back then is a lot the same as it is now, though, to be fair, i haven't served a mission. but these elders talk about the people they talk to, the meals they eat, the travel and weather conditions. it is interesting to see how the church has changed and grown, too.

--the beginning of literature seminars, especially seminars that have some kind of focus on british literature, always make me homesick for london. this might turn into a real post; we'll see. but it's weird to think that my time in london was pre-blog, so none of it has been documented online. i did pull out my study abroad journal this week, so i'll be taking a little bit of time to read that in the next little while.

--today was the joseph smith memorial building wedding show. we go every year; it's awesome. one of these years one of us will actually be engaged. that would make it even better! then, i've been watching the bachelor, and trust that dumb show to make you feel sentimental. sometimes things are dumb.

--our bishopric is being released tomorrow. at least we found out last week; it was enough of a bombshell with advanced notice. i have loved these men and their amazing wives, and i will be sad to see them go. i've learned a lot and grown a lot under the leadership of these men. it will definitely be an adjustment, but it will be good. change is good.

that's what i've got for now. cheers to the long weekend!

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