Tuesday, April 23, 2013

today i...

turned in two papers, early, i might add. i was in the zone, thankfully.

got back together with the library. we've been off basically all semester, but the library was good to me today.

watched the "goodbye michael" episode of the office and remembered how incredibly good it was. i cried, sitting in my little carrel, and i thought about how much i'm sure i will cry during the series finale in a few weeks.

wore a neon shirt and loved it.

watched a sweet mormon message about living up to our privileges. (i made a goal to watch a talk every day--when i don't have time for a talk, it's a mormon message.)

went to chipotle for dinner. in sandy. we really need one of those down here.

for a day that i thought would be spent entirely in the library stressing over papers, this one turned out to be pretty good.

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