Sunday, April 7, 2013

this week in review

i had a meeting with one of my professors, and it was very productive, i thought. i've met with a lot of professors during my time here at byu, and this particular one is one of the best i've run into because 1) he is helpful and 2) i feel like he actually wants to listen to my ideas, which is why he is helpful. i want to be a teacher like that. it's more common to go into a professor's office and feel like the person is simply enduring your time together rather than trying to give constructive feedback. (this relates to one of my biggest beefs with my master's program: they try to give us (me) too much independence--i'm not a seasoned scholar! sure, i've written a ton of papers, but i'm not a genius-idea machine! i still need help! everyone still needs help!)

i received a job offer from sylvan learning center in american fork. i interviewed a few weeks ago and finally heard back. so, for the summer and maybe beyond, i'll be working as an ACT instructor and a regular classroom instructor. as part of the interview process, i had to take a practice ACT, and boy, am i rusty on some of those math concepts. i'm secretly kind of pumped to re-learn it, though. in general, i'm pretty excited, mostly because i'm anxious to be teaching again. i start training next week.

last zumba class of the semester :( we don't start up again until the end of april, which means i'm going to be doing some just dance and zumba workouts on my own over the next month. and maybe some hip hop abs.

after class, i went to the bookstore in the hopes of finding some of my journals, since conference is almost upon us and i need new writing material. i've been checking every so often over the past year or so, so i wasn't super hopeful that i would find what i was looking for. but it was my lucky day! i found three medium sized notebooks, each on sale for 6 bucks! so awesome!

we also went to berg's intramural basketball game last night. it was their second tournament game, and, sadly, they lost, but it was a good effort. i'm pretty proud of berg for being an intramural-er, since i was never brave enough to get out there and perform on a team. sure, she's a little afraid to dribble, but i probably would have been, too, and she's the one who's actually doing it.

for months, since the brigham city temple dedication, i have been searching for this bag of study abroad paraphernalia which contains, among many other things, a handkerchief that i bought in one of our first stops, the lovely little town of adare, ireland. i looked everywhere for that bag of stuff, and i couldn't find it. it wasn't at home, it wasn't in provo. i was very sad. the other night, i was thinking about some of the other stuff in the bag and getting even more sad. anyway, friday meredith and i decided to start the process of cleaning out the basement so we could bring stuff home this weekend, and i thought that was my last chance to find the bag. no luck. it wasn't in any of the bins down there. back in our room, i said to meredith, well, i think that stuff is lost. i don't know where else to look. about five minutes later, i decided to look under my bed, at her prompting. lo and behold, that sneaky grey bag from the jewel house, stuffed with all sorts of memories from a six week tour of the british isles, was hiding in a bin under my bed. best day ever!

later that day, we went to the shabby apple trunk show, where i got two adorable dresses for the price of about 2/3 of one. steal of a deal!

one word: conference! (more on that later)

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